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28 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Miriam Rosen says:

    Do you have minyamin on Sunday? If yes, Is Shacharis the same time as mon- thurs?

  2. Tzvi Nathan says:

    the audio doesnt work for “Sinners vs. Sins”

  3. Tzvi Nathan says:

    the Hashkafic Man (MP3) is a classic mamash!

  4. Tzvi Nathan says:

    I really thing it would be very worthwhile to make an audio of the Orthopraxy lecture “Al timna tov m’ba’alav”

  5. shaya says:

    i agree with tzvi, but it would probably be a 5-6 hour shiur

  6. Tzvi Nathan says:

    I just finished listening to “The Hakafos of Simchas Torah (MP3)” – Hafladik! That short drasha deserves a rikud & hakafos!

    Regarding not fighting on purim & similar circumstances, is there no chiyuv hishtadlus?Why doesnt Ha’ba l’horgecha….” apply/


    • rabbishapiro says:

      Hishtadlus sometimes means to fight and sometimes to run. A pit bull barks at you Hishtadlus says to stay still; a grizzly bear growls, hishtadlus says to play dead.

      So too a sheep’s hashtadlus when threatened by a wolf is to lay low. Fighting under those circumstances is not Hashtadlus.

      Hishtadlus for Klall Yisroel on the national level (as opposed to an individual Jew) is to do teshuva.

      Haba Lehargecha etc. Applies only when you can kill the other person first. It does not mean to get killed or engage in a war and sustain casualties.

      Besides which, rebelling against the Umos in Golus is a violation of the Oath of Lo yimradu b’umos, which as the Maharal writes, is Yehoreg V’Al Yaavor.

      See these shiurin for a full treatment of the topic:

  7. Tzvi Nathan says:

    Purpose of Creation 2 – Unbreak the World (MP3)

    …this explains SO many things & mekoros I was confused about. Wow! Yaasher koach Rebbe! It would be great to have this written up…

  8. Tzvi Nathan says:

    Purpose of Creation 2 – Unbreak the World

    So, are we in fact giving something to HKBH (since sof kol sof He did create the world choser & lacking in geluei shechina & we are ACTUALLY removing the perceived bizayon to HKBH’s kovod by revealing his kovod & yichud in the world)??

    • rabbishapiro says:

      We are not giving anything to Hashem-in-essence. We are repairing the lack of Kovod that is perceived in the world.

  9. Tzvi Nathan says:

    So how does the idea that we are “Nosnin” work if its only a “kavyochol” nesina?

    Is it that we are are being nosein to our fellow humans by helping them perceive Hashem in the world?

    • rabbishapiro says:

      Because Hashem desires a world that displays His honor. Instead of making that happen Himself, he gave us that job. Hashem gains nothing by all of this but He wants it nonetheless because the whole process results in us getting Olam Habah. So even though it does not benefit Hashem, it fulfills what He wants, and fulfilling His Ratzon is enough to be considered “giving.”

  10. Tzvi Nathan says:

    …or is it that a “kavyochel” nesina is good enough because m’tzad us we FEEL as if we are giving to Hashem…

  11. Tzvi Nathan says:

    >>So even though it does not benefit Hashem, it fulfills what He wants, and fulfilling His Ratzon is enough to be considered “giving.”

    got it. thnx!

  12. Yossi Solomom says:

    In the audio about “why athiests believe weird things” you kept reffering to another shiur about how we know hashem exists and is one and things like that. where can i find this shiur?

  13. Maybecomefrum says:

    I wish more of the Rabbi’s shiurim were made available online. You used to update the audio section more frequently….For me, its like listening to Rav Avigdor Miller of our time. More shiurim please! And if I may make a suggestion, you should write a book as well. There are tons of valuable materials you have already written for frumteens and
    Much hatzlacha and thank you for your work.

    • rabbishapiro says:

      Thank you for the kind words. Bli neder now that the new Zman has started there will be more audios to post online.

  14. Yecheskel Spitzer says:

    I just relistened to you eulogy on the Satmer Rebbe from a few years ago in Miami. I was truly a masterpiece. People have no concept of the meaning of a true Manhig Yisroel. They think that if you know Shas, Poskim etc. you have a Daas Torah. Absolutely not. However, even though, in my humble (but correct) opinion there is no true Daas Torah today, we can latch on to the Rebbe’s thoughts and ideas by learning his holy Seforim. With the Daf Yomi, Mishne Yomi, Halacha yomi, and a whole host of other yomis around, the most important daily Shiur should be Vayoel Moshe Yomi. Learn the very first Rashi in Beraishis that if you don’t have the basics, you have nothing. I think the Rebbe had it basically right all along.

  15. Yosef Solomon says:

    The drasha “what makes a jew jewish” does not work.

  16. joseph says:

    rabbi in your lecture on “Where is Amalek today” its seems that people who are apikursim being gilgulim of evil souls. But can they teshuva? Is there a “glass ceiling” go away that can go away, and they at once get back their jewish soul?

    • rabbishapiro says:

      Yes they can do teshuva. The Gemora in Avodah Zorah says, however, that kofrim who really do teshuva die, although their teshuva is accepted.

  17. Alfred Gluecksmann says:

    An Elaboration

    I had sent this email to Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro but when I received a “failure to deliver” I tried to send it via the Yonason and then via the Menachen email addresses and again said transmissions were returned with the “failure to deliver” message.

    Hence I my attempt to transmit via this approach.
    I would much appreciate any comment as to how else I should proceed.

    My name is Alfred Gluecksmann, and phone number is 301-585-0754

    Thank you !

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